Here We Go Again

Quite often, in this unemployment debacle, I have felt that we are on our own. Not just on our own, but lacking the tools, knowledge, and power to fight a war we shouldn’t really have to fight. Am I the only one feeling that way? Today, I’ve been kind of lounging around with my five-year-old granddaughter, playing kitchen and market. I certainly wish my grown-up world were as carefree as hers.

Within the past two weeks we have heard from both Republicans and Democrats involving their solutions to the growing number of claims that are being backlogged within the Unemployment Division of the Wisconsin DWD. If you haven’t already, please take some time and listen to the podcast episodes posted on this website. They really are full of information that is intended to help and lead listeners to action.

So, what do we do? We must move. We can not return to where we have been. For months we waited for someone to speak. No one, other than through press releases full of lies from the DWD would utter a word. Excuse me, there was plenty of blame to go around. So much blame to go around and so much animosity that at times we might have actually preferred the silence. But in the end, it still left us wanting answers and feeling the frustration of oppression.

It is important to note that this situation is not the only crisis our state is enduring right now. This is not the only stressor. As I’ve made my way around the state to meet different claimants and to speak with politicians, I’ve learned and witnessed more than I dreamed. Above all, I’ve been reminded that this is bigger than any one person or any one claim. This is bigger than this one moment or issue. This is systematic and we must acknowledge that in our overall quest for ultimate change.

In our journey to #cleartheclaims we must stand firm and demand that our elected and appointed officials #stopthegames and lead with integrity and the same mindfulness of their constituents they boasted about on the campaign trail. Every term has a last day and we will be there. Every seat has a new ass to fill it if the old ass doesn’t want to play ball with the REAL fans that put it there. Stop pandering for money and big supporters and get back to the people that are at the ballot box. Those are the ones that are being let down everyday. We are the ones that will be ending your terms, if you don’t.

I’m waking up. I’m not laying around anymore. I realize I was getting used to the silence again. But I caught myself. So, this is my bullhorn. This is me sounding the alarm. I am not going away. I will not go back to silence. My action, OUR action, will be to prevent your peace. If you are one of the individuals standing in the way of #clearingtheclaims, than this is your warning. We will not back down. We will continue to get louder. There is no time for silence.

Sign the bills. Send the aide. Cut the checks. Do what is right. And most of all, #CLEARTHECLAIMS and #STOPTHEGAMES.

Published by chenontr

I'm just a girl looking for the truth. I love digging into mental health and why we are so afraid of it. I also enjoy taking on advocacy issues and fighting the fights that need fighting.

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