Doing The Most Good

I’m sick of it. I’m sick of a Governor who acts without consultation, throws money around without full comprehension of other areas that are more in need, and I’m overly sick of an administration that has its focus on everything but the people of Wisconsin. In the last three months Gov. Evers has allocated CARES Act monies to a number of entities without so much as a warning to legislative bodies. He has created programs and funds out of the blue. However, when approached about sensible and logical ways to use those dollars, he goes silent. I’m sick of it. Maybe now, with a little accountability, things will change. Or will they? Does anyone really care about the PEOPLE of Wisconsin? Or is this just a power play? CARES Act monies must be spent, not just allocated by the deadline. So Evers can reallocate them to other uses. As of July 23, 2020, only 5.6% of the funds given to Wisconsin have been spent within the state. 5.6% of 1.5B! And people are living in their cars, waiting in lines at food pantries, begging landlords to not file evictions, and selling their belongings to simply survive.

It isn’t right. These documents show the letter written to Gov. Evers demanding information regarding where monies have been allocated and where they are intended to be spent.

Published by chenontr

I'm just a girl looking for the truth. I love digging into mental health and why we are so afraid of it. I also enjoy taking on advocacy issues and fighting the fights that need fighting.

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