Distracted by a Wedding and the Election

I’m not sure if I am one of few or one of many, but my life stopped for the last three months as I became absolutely consumed by my wedding and then the election. Yes, unemployment existed during both of those events and I stand, or sit, here ashamed for leaving you hanging. However, I will say, what did we actually miss? There were some false starts and a few whimpers of progress. But, as has been the pathetic story for the past almost four months, nothing seems to happen at all.

I’ve grown frustrated with this entire scene. Many of us have. Heck, even the media grew silent on the issue of Wisconsin’s sham of an unemployment system. Governor Evers FINALLY decided to appear as though he was paying attention and asked Secretary Caleb Frostman to resign. That made many happy, but it was a sad day. Secretary Frostman, while he certainly didn’t fix the issues, was not and is not the problem. The problem goes much deeper. In lieu of finding the problem, Evers then moved the deputy from the DOC over to head the DWD. Yeah . . . you read that right, the DOC! Yep, this is the one time when Frostman was actually the better prepared candidate for the job.

Meanwhile at the DWD the actual department that IS the problem has no staff changes. Well, until the very quiet resignation/retirement rumor of Amy Banicki. Interesting, no? Has anything improved? Nope. Any sweeping changes? Nope. The only thing that has changed is there is a remarkable amount of crap coming out of the DWD in terms of weekly data releases. The transformed data releases now tell nothing but overall totals of claims processed, a rough estimate of claims “in” process, and how many calls they received for the week. NOBODY CARES HOW MANY CALLS YOU RECEIVED!

Okay, so maybe some things have happened while I’ve been away. But I’m back. I’m irritated and I’m ready to roll. New podcast episodes are coming and I’m looking forward to some new guests that will have different opinions and maybe even some good debates going on. It is November 23, 2020. There are 500,000 claims that are still waiting to be processed. Since the end of July the denials rates have skyrocketed, SSDI people have been approved for PUA only to be put through the ringer of denials that even I can’t decipher, and claimants that applied in March still haven’t been processed!

We don’t get quiet until every claim from this pandemic has been processed and processed the right way. That means appeals and payments. NO PAYMENT, NO PEACE!

Published by chenontr

I'm just a girl looking for the truth. I love digging into mental health and why we are so afraid of it. I also enjoy taking on advocacy issues and fighting the fights that need fighting.

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