The End is Near

When applying for unemployment you don’t really think about the end, you focus on the beginning of the benefits. The wait is for the deposit. Here in Wisconsin, that wait could last anywhere from one day to nine months or longer. But, as we begin the month of December, we approach the end of yet another milestone. While the pandemic escalates and the medical community struggles to keep up, the economic climate of unemployment support plummeted months ago with no signs of revival.

On December 26, both the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program and Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) come to a close. The unfortunate truth is that some claimants have exhausted their benefits as the month begins, but for others, those who held on to jobs until the second half of the year, they still have more than 10 weeks of benefits remaining. However, due to no action from Congress, these programs sing their swan song on the 26th regardless of benefits that my be remaining in eligibility.

So, where do we go from here? Many predicted, including myself, that the bottom would drop out when the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) program ended in July that provided an additional $600 to claimants each week. Claimants were smart and either saved money in preparation, or had already sought employment realizing that dependability on our governmental programs was not an option.

Things are different now. There are still 500,000 claims unprocessed. There are thousands more claimants falsely denied and thrown into a months long appeals process. Our economy is a disaster, our leaders are self serving, and no one seems to care that the single life line for millions of individuals for the last nine months is coming to an end. No matter your benefit amount. Not having that additional income will have a massive effect on households. Who is going to do something?

We have a voice and we must use it.

These programs ending with the only hopes of follow up being after the inauguration and ONLY if Democrats control the Senate. It infuriates me that so many peoples financial stability during this pandemic is being left to political chance. It embarrasses me to realize that everyone is watching it and the people that could really help raise awareness turn a blind eye because they aren’t affected. That, my friends, is the purest definition of “privilege”.

This is not about going out and getting a job.

This is not about lazy americans.

This is about industries that do not have jobs. Skilled workers, parents who have to be home with children, individuals sidelined due to covid, and so many other situations that I don’t even know about.

This IS about a system designed for this moment and a body of elected jackasses that refuse to do anything for the people they serve.

Published by chenontr

I'm just a girl looking for the truth. I love digging into mental health and why we are so afraid of it. I also enjoy taking on advocacy issues and fighting the fights that need fighting.

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