Who, Me?

You should have KNOWN!

People always ask, “So, how do I pronounce your name?” My quick response is always “You Should-Have-Known-Chenon”. It rhymes, its catchy and I love it! That’s me in a nutshell. Down to my core I like to find the simple things in life, but also enjoy the hearty issues and topics that make us think and use critical skills.

I live in Wisconsin with my amazing family and 2 idiot dogs. They are the loves of my life. Everyone, not just the dogs. When I’m not recording podcasts, researching injustice, advocating for the oppressed, or hanging with my family I have a small business called Alternative Living, LLC. Our main focus is on mental health awareness and we offer life coaching, mentoring for at-risk youth and young adults, family mediation, and public speaking engagements.

Academically I have studied at the University of Southern Indiana and at Regent University in Virginia Beach. I hold degrees in Psychology and an MBA. I am a lifetime student and feel as though we should never stop learning. The moment you think you’ve got it covered is the moment you’ve lost it all.

What am I about? I’m about what is right. I don’t care about politics and partisan nonsense, I care about people. Party lines are for those that can’t stand on their own two feet and lack the will and desire to, at some point, stand alone if need be. In life, we will all stand alone and it is in those moments that we find out who we truly are.

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