Hello? Is This Mic On? Is Anyone Listening?

It has happened, on occasion, that I overreact and then need to walk back my rage or indignation. Throughout the pandemic, it has not happened often. That is a sad reality. Think about it, I see someone getting screwed by the UI division or catch a press conference that infers significant consequences on millions ofContinue reading “Hello? Is This Mic On? Is Anyone Listening?”

Denying UI to the disabled makes no sense

Originally posted on Wisconsin Unemployment:
A time out for some politics. Last week, the Dems introduced a bunch of proposals for peeling back some of the changes Walker had had made to unemployment, including an end to the ban on unemployment benefits for SSDI recipients. As noted here previously, around 158,000 SSDI recipients work in…

Here We Go Again

Quite often, in this unemployment debacle, I have felt that we are on our own. Not just on our own, but lacking the tools, knowledge, and power to fight a war we shouldn’t really have to fight. Am I the only one feeling that way? Today, I’ve been kind of lounging around with my five-year-oldContinue reading “Here We Go Again”

Proposals, Packages, and Loans, OH MY!

In coordination with The “Help”, Episode 4 of the podcast, here are some key documents to look at. Both camps have released their versions of help proposals/packages that will get aide to the hurting folks of Wisconsin that simply just want the benefits that are rightly theirs. Can they #cleartheclaims? Uh . . . NO!Continue reading “Proposals, Packages, and Loans, OH MY!”