Proposals, Packages, and Loans, OH MY!

In coordination with The “Help”, Episode 4 of the podcast, here are some key documents to look at. Both camps have released their versions of help proposals/packages that will get aide to the hurting folks of Wisconsin that simply just want the benefits that are rightly theirs. Can they #cleartheclaims? Uh . . . NO! It’s the typical crap they always come to the table with.

We need to keep going and reminding these ELECTED officials that their petty, issues that distract from the real problems won’t sway us from our goals. We want this fixed. It’s our money and we want it now!

It Just Doesn’t Make Sense

I wish I could wave a wand and make it all go away.

Maybe wake up and this was all a dream.

I mean, how in the world could we live in a time where people are losing everything simply because a handful of unemployment division employees control a process meant to be not simple, but also not overly complicated, and have manipulated it in a way that gives them absolute control above and beyond what its creators really ever imagined.

Yes, that’s our situation in a nutshell.

Welcome to “Unemployment: The Wisconsin Way”. There is some shady business going on. Some insane trickery behind the scenes. And to top it off, some shameful avoidance by the folks we all elected to speak for us and help us out.

In the days and weeks to come I’m going to expose them all. Heck, I’m on a roll and it may only take hours. I’ve been researching this since the middle of April. Things are connecting and my mind continues to be blown and revelations become clear by the minute. I’m pretty easy to please. When my energy is placed on a certain task for weeks and then in one shallow moment it is thrown in a totally different trajectory my response is absolute insanity and impulsivity that will lead to entertainment and developments for you.

Thanks for checking in and visiting the site. I am still working to get everything up and running and I’m sure there will be some kinks over the next few days as I launch the podcast and get all platforms to play nicely together.

This is what my portal said every week I entered a claim for about 12 weeks straight.