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NOT Adjudicators – Episode 13 UNEMPLOYMENT: The Wisconsin Way

In this episode I share the disaster of attempting to solve an issue with my claim, a phone call with a specialist that clearly couldn't help, and a rant about how ridiculous it is that claimants go through these hoops constantly with no resolutions WHILE HOLDING APPROVAL LETTERS IN THEIR HANDS!!!!!
  1. NOT Adjudicators – Episode 13
  2. The FACTS – Episode 12
  3. FPUC For All – Episode 11
  5. SSDI Victory and Internal Drama at the DWD – Episode 9
The question that will throw you into adjudication for WEEKS just because they have a stone-age method of when you should work and when you should ed

2 thoughts on “Podcast

  1. People are being let go for releasing too many claims in one day? No wonder they have a 5 a day minimum/day to clear. Low production level
    Great podcast Chenon!

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  2. Thanks for your voice and all your hard work Hun! Keep up your outstanding work! Look forward to the next podcast, and the next, and the next!


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