Relief, huh?

“I am no SupermanI have no reasons for youI am no heroOh, that’s for sureBut I do know one thingIs where you are is where I belongI do know where you goThat’s where I want to be” ~ Dave Matthews Lying in bed and wondering where the next dollar to pay the rent, mortgage, gas,Continue reading “Relief, huh?”

Audits and Reality

The audits are starting to trickle in. This pandemic really started in late December 2019 and exploded in March of 2020. The financial decimation began to take effect in late May of 2020 when it became apparent that the Wisconsin DWD division of Unemployment Insurance (UI) had no idea how to actually do their jobsContinue reading “Audits and Reality”

The End is Near

When applying for unemployment you don’t really think about the end, you focus on the beginning of the benefits. The wait is for the deposit. Here in Wisconsin, that wait could last anywhere from one day to nine months or longer. But, as we begin the month of December, we approach the end of yetContinue reading “The End is Near”

Here We Go Again

Quite often, in this unemployment debacle, I have felt that we are on our own. Not just on our own, but lacking the tools, knowledge, and power to fight a war we shouldn’t really have to fight. Am I the only one feeling that way? Today, I’ve been kind of lounging around with my five-year-oldContinue reading “Here We Go Again”